Psyllium Husk
Isabgol | Plantago Ovata | Indische Flohsamenschalen

It is a bulk forming laxative available as husk, powder or seed.

We are one of the leading Manufacturers / Exporters of Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) for a decade.

We focus our total attention to genuine purity, pharmacopoeia including various minute aspects like non-hydrolysable substances, pentosanes, moisture content, swell volume, treatment for microbial limits, heavy metal contents to see to its international standards along with reasonable price.

Please inform us your required quantity and specifications, so that we can give you our sound offer along with the samples.


Purity (Husk / Powder / Seed) 85% to 99%
Density (Powdered Husk) Max. 0.75 gm/ml
Sieve range (Husk & Powder) 14 to 200 mesh
Moisture content Max 12%
Swelling coefficient (volume of mucilage produced in 24 hours by 1 gm of husk or powder) 50 ml